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Enjoy the delicous food

Innovative food

In Valencia we like to keep up with new trends. Our chefs find inspiration all year around and have focus areas such as:


Organic food

Our kitchen has now obtained the "Økologiske Spisemærke i søv" (Organic silver price) meaning that at least 66.4 % of all food served in our restaurant is organic. The purpose is to continue increasing the share of organic ingredients.


Other focus areas are sustainability and fish policy meaning we are following the WWF's fishing guide regarding environmental impact.



Sonja Ernstsen Valencia
Sonja Ernstsen| Administrationschef | T: +45 33 43 70 18 | E:


Hvis I har spørgsmål eller ønsker at booke et lokale i vores kursus- og mødecenter, Valencia.

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