Who we are

The Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater) was established in January 2008, in order to further the interests of Danish law firms, their owners and employees. The Associations primary goal is to represent its members and promote the practice of law and the use of lawyers in society.

The Association of Danish Law Firms is the business association for Danish Law Firms. We negotiate with and lobby the profession's regulators, government and others, and offer training and business development to our members. We're here to help, protect and promote lawyers and law firms.


We also participate in the drafting of national legislation and may take initiatives to guarantee the respect of fundamental legal rights and safeguarding the rule of law.


Before 2008, the Danish Bar and Law Society had been the regulatory and business organization for Danish lawyers. Today the Danish Bar and Law Society is the regulatory body, supervising the practice of law and managing the bar exam. It also works to promote the rule of law and the principles of sound legal process.



Ulrikke W. Krogbeck
Ulrikke W. Krogbeck | Vicedirektør for medlemsservice og brancheudvikling |


Ulrikkes overordnede opgave er at få engagerede medlemmer og skabe værdi af medlemskabet af Danske Advokater.

Sammen med sin afdeling skal hun finde ud af, hvad medlemmer og kunder vil have, og hvordan Danske Advokater kan udvikle branchen sammen med dem. 

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