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Valencia has it all

You can book conference rooms for small as well as large meetings. Below you can find information about the various conference rooms available.

Dreyer hall

  • In the Dreyer hall you can hold conferences up to 150 pax. if you choose cinema layout 
  • If you choose school tables, 60 pax. can be seated
  • If you choose gala (round tables), 90 pax. can dine
  • The Dreyer hall can be divided into two conference rooms separated by a soundproof curtain.

Thor, Figaro and Chat Noir

  • We have three conference rooms especially for mediation purposes. However, the rooms are fit for all kinds of meetings
  • One room has a conference table where 8 pax. can be seated
  • One room has a conference table where 10 pax. can be seated
  • The last room has soft lounge furniture - suitable if you want your participants to think out of the box
  • Naturally, all rooms are fully AV equipped

1st floor – Spies og Kuben

  • Spies is our large restaurant - 66 pax. can be seated (if you need more, we'll include Kuben or Dreyer hall)
  • Kuben is hanging above the Dreyer hall. 50 pax in cinema layout or 38 pax as school tables. In Kuben you can enjoy advanced faciliteties for e.g. video conferences and streaming.

2nd floor – Margot and Thorvald and Media room

  • 2 conference rooms that can be joined into one
  • Many possibilities to place the tables and chairs - 24 pax. can be seated.
  • There is a small media room especially suitable for video conferences, film shootings or interviews. Capacity up to 8 pax.
  • Coffee station just outside the rooms

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