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Other meetings

Arranging a go home meeting or an evening meeting? You have come to the right place.

Go home meetings

If you wish you book a meeting after 5 PM for a couple of hours, the price will be like a half day meeting. We'll make you a good offer.

Evening meetings
Contact us for a concrete offer as the price varies - do you need food etc.

Rent a room - no catering
It is also possible to rent a room without catering. Naturally, it is not allowed to bring your own beverages and food.


See price list 


Contact us with any question you may have.



Michael Mørck
Michael Mørck | Service- og teknikkoordinator | 33 43 70 00 |


Michael er ansvarlig for mødecenteret Valencia samt Danske Advokaters reception. Derudover løser han diverse grafiske opgaver.

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Kontakt Michael Mørck på tlf.

33 43 70 00